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Wednesday, February 01, 2006
  Can the EUnuchs have found a battle they are willing to fight?!

This could be big; I don’t think will be, however I guess I am just a cock-eyed optimist. Ignoring the fact that Europe’s standing military forces are a hollow mockery of an Armed Forces; the European’s are adamantly unwilling to engage the Islamist threat directly in the first place.

However we are seeing paper after paper running the reprints of the Danish cartoons that started the whole thing.

Michelle Malkin is mirroring the offending cartoons here.

Once/if the majority of the papers in the EU have run the cartoons, what will the permanently aggrieved Arab Street do? Either they are going to have to completely divest from doing any business with any country that ran the cartoons, or just sit and grumble in their beards and shake their fists at the evil infidels.

While I am in moon-eyed optimist mode, how about Bush’s initial toe dipping into the waters of ME oil independence? Setting a goal of independence from ME oil by the year 2025.

I have incredible doubts as to the Fed’s ability to change the course of domestic energy consumption. However the concept is solid, and rather bold for an oil man.
IF the West can develop a new core energy source to replace oil as our de facto source of energy. Well then, it would be quite nice to let the Islamists sit back and eat their oil. Leaving them to their own devices and justly deserved fates.

BBC NEWS | Europe | Muhammad cartoon row intensifies: "Newspapers across Europe have reprinted caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad to show support for a Danish paper whose cartoons have sparked Muslim outrage.

France Soir, Germany's Die Welt, La Stampa in Italy and El Periodico in Spain all carried some of the drawings.

Their publication in Denmark has led to protests in Arab nations, diplomatic sanctions and death threats.

Islamic tradition bans depictions of the Prophet, but media watchdogs defend press freedom to publish the images.

Reporters Without Borders said the reaction in the Arab world 'betrays a lack of understanding' of press freedom as 'an essential accomplishment of democracy.'

'Sense of sacred'

In Berlin, the prominent daily Die Welt ran a front-page caricature of the prophet wearing a headdress shaped like a bomb.

30 Sept: Danish paper Jyllands-Posten publishes cartoons
20 Oct: Muslim ambassadors in Denmark complain to Danish PM
10 Jan: Norwegian publication reprints cartoons
26 Jan: Saudi Arabia recalls its ambassador
30 Jan: Gunmen raid EU's Gaza office
31 Jan: Danish paper apologises
1 Feb: Papers in France, Germany, Italy and Spain print cartoons

The paper argued there was a right to blaspheme in the West, and asked whether Islam was capable of coping with satire."

I wish Johnny were still alive so we could ask him what he thinks about this, however, in this case I think I captured the essential message he would want to communicate to the Religion of Peaceful Co-Existance.

Junkyard Blog makes an excellent observation regarding the previous groups that had been intimidated into submission by the Islamists.

LGF finds Italy and Spain are jumping on the wagon as well.

Tammy Bruce has some cogent obervations also.

The ROP has phoned in another bombthreat to the newspaper.

****updated update
The French have pre-emptively surrendered to the Islamists, so we can count them out.

LGF points out what passes for civilized satire amongst the 'mainstream muslims'
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