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Monday, January 30, 2006
  Nope, not a single reason to militarize our border is there?
KPHO Phoenix - Mexico arrests four undocumented, U.S.-bound Iraqis: "MEXICO CITY Mexico says its arrested four Iraqis who were trying to sneak into the United States without the proper documents.
Mexico's Attorney General's office says police -- acting on an anonymous tip -- found the four aboard a bus in the northern city of Navajoa (nav-ah-HO-. That's about 375 miles south of the Arizona border.

The statement says the Iraqis were in Mexico illegally.

Officials are investigating the background of the four and trying to determine how they got into Mexico."
  FOXNews.com - Views News - Tongue Tied - Target Colors, Black Betty Blackballed

You ever read one of those things that make you think your head is just going to explode off your shoulders and kill everyone within a 25 foot radius from the sheer indignation over-pressure wave.

FOXNews.com - Views News - Tongue Tied - Target Colors, Black Betty Blackballed: "Police in Tampa, Fla. are now using colored targets on their shooting ranges because they fear the traditional black silhouettes on a white background might be sending a racist message, reports the Tampa Tribune.

Tampa police spokeswoman Laura McElroy, whose agency switched to 'Smurf Blue' silhouette targets from black ones two years ago, said: 'Nowadays, you can never be too sensitive.'

Companies that make the targets report that the trend, which started in Florida, has spread nationwide. Blue and green targets, as well as full-color images, are less likely to be criticized as racially insensitive, they say."
Friday, January 27, 2006
  Cox & Forkum: Thugocracy

Cox & Forkum: Thugocracy: "Former President Carter said Thursday the Palestinian elections were 'completely honest, completely fair, completely safe and without violence.'

Carter, who led an international observer team from the National Democratic Institute, also said he hoped that the Hamas Islamic group would act responsibly now that it appears to have been elected to power in Palestinian elections.

'My hope is that as Hamas assumes a major role in the next government, whatever that might be, it will take a position on international standards of responsibility,' he told a news conference in Jerusalem."
Thursday, January 26, 2006
  Colombia says busts al Qaeda-linked passport ring
World Crises | Reuters.com: "BOGOTA, Colombia, Jan 26 (Reuters) - Colombia arrested 19 members of a passport-forging ring with links to Islamic militant groups Hamas and al Qaeda that enabled foreign nationals to travel in the United States and Europe under false documents, the attorney general's office said on Thursday.

'Some of the suspects are wanted for extradition by the United States for collaborating with terrorist groups Hamas and al Qaeda,' Deputy Attorney General Alberto Otalora told reporters.

Three members of Colombia's Administrative Security Department, or DAS, the state intelligence agency, were arrested in the sweep. An employee of Colombia's National Registry, which provides official identification documents, was also among those arrested.

'This network since 2002 has been dedicated to falsifying documents in order to permit foreign citizens to travel as Colombians through Europe and the United States,' a statement issued by the Attorney General's Office said.

Citizens of Pakistan, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt sent information to the ring in Colombia, which used that information to create false Colombian passports, the statement said."
  The invasion continues apace
BREITBART.COM - Mexico Halts Border Maps Hand-Out: "Mexico will suspend its plan to distribute maps to migrants wanting to cross the U.S. border illegally, but an official said Thursday the decision was not made because of American pressure.

Miguel Angel Paredes, spokesman for the federal Human Rights Commission, said the government wanted to 'rethink' its plan because human rights officials in border states expressed concern that the maps would show anti-immigrant groups _ like the Minutemen civilian patrols _ where migrants likely would gather.

'This would be practically like telling the Minutemen where the migrants are going to be,' Paredes said. 'We are going to rethink this, so that we wouldn't almost be handing them over to groups that attack migrants.'

On Wednesday, U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff said the United States opposed the plan 'in the strongest terms.' He said the effort would lead more people to cross the border, 'leading to more migrant deaths and the further enrichment of the criminal human trafficking rings.'

Paredes was asked if the Mexican decision was a response to U.S. pressure.

'No, we are not responding to that,' he said. 'We have not taken that into account.'"
  A big old F.U. to non-wife killing citizens everywhere
Oddly Enough News Article | Reuters.com: "LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Los Angeles has renamed a public school after Johnnie Cochran, the late criminal defense lawyer who helped clear 'Trial of the Century' murder defendant O.J. Simpson.

School district officials voted unanimously for the name change on Tuesday, saying Cochran, who attended the former Mt. Vernon Middle School as a boy, was an 'extraordinary, superb lawyer with movie-star celebrity status.'

But the sister of Simpson's ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, whom the former star football player and actor was charged with stabbing and slashing to death, said she was stunned by the move.

'It's in bad taste,' Denise Brown told Reuters. 'Yeah, he was a great defense attorney. But what about your moral obligation to children and society?'

Cochran, who died last year of a brain tumor at age 67, was the lead attorney for Simpson. He accused Los Angeles police of framing his client because he was black and famously told the jury, 'If it doesn't fit, you must acquit,' in reference to a bloody glove found at Simpson's house."
  Hamas Wins Landslide 76 Seats - Yahoo! News
Hamas Wins Landslide 76 Seats - Yahoo! News: "RAMALLAH, West Bank - The Islamic militant Hamas won a landslide victory in Palestinian parliamentary elections, winning 76 seats in the 132-member legislature, election officials said Thursday. The rival
Fatah Party, which controlled Palestinian politics for four decades, won 43 seats.

Hamas supporters raised their flag over the Palestinian parliament and rushed into the building amid clashes with Fatah loyalists a day after winning parliamentary elections.

The two camps threw stones at each other, breaking windows in the building, as Fatah supporters briefly tried to lower the green Hamas banners. The crowd of about 3,000 Hamas backers cheered and whistled as activists on the roof of the parliament raised the Hamas banner again.

It was the first confrontation between Hamas and Fatah since the Islamic militant group won parliamentary elections on Wednesday.

Palestinian leaders huddled to determine what role the Islamic militant group will play in governing the territories.

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas will ask Hamas to form the next government, with his defeated Fatah Party weighing whether to form a partnership or serve in the opposition.

A Hamas government, without Fatah as a moderating force, would greatly complicate Abbas' efforts to restart peace talks. The Islamic militants, who carried out dozens of suicide bombings and seek
Israel's destruction, have said they oppose peace talks and will not disarm. Israel and the United States refuse to deal with Hamas."
Wednesday, January 25, 2006
  Not even the lowly bowl of soup is safe from the baleful glimpse of the PC crowd.

BBC NEWS | Europe | French crackdown on 'racist soup': "A leading French anti-racism movement has urged Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy to ban pork soup give-aways throughout the country.

Bernadette Hatier, vice president of the Movement Against Racism and for Friendship Between Peoples, said the scheme was a ploy to drum up far-right votes ahead of 2007 presidential elections.

'Nothing illegal'

Many local authorities have said they are powerless to intervene as the groups are not breaking the law.

National Front spokesman Bruno Gollinisch said that people had the right to be charitable to whomever they want.

He described moves to ban the pork soup kitchens as 'revelatory of authorities' alienation from the French people'.

Dominique Lescure, head of the Nice-based group Soulidarieta, said pork was a traditional part of French cuisine"
Tuesday, January 24, 2006
  Great moments in French naval design

Recalling recent achievements the French apparently came to their senses and subcontracted their carrier design to a country that can at least get one to float. Not that British carriers are something to shake in your boots at. A ski-jump for Harrier's just isn't that fearsome.

I would however like to take a moment to snicker about all the former great French mariners that are now rotating at approximately 90hz in their coffins at the thought of the English taking over construction of the French navy. (insert evil cackle here).
France joins naval project for £140m - Financial Times - MSNBC.com: "France has agreed to pay Britain as much as £140m to develop and construct an aircraft carrier based on the design of those being built for the Royal Navy. It is the first concrete step towards what would be the biggest joint military programme in a generation.

The deal, hammered out in London by John Reid, defence secretary, and Michèle Alliot-Marie, his French counterpart, would see France pay Britain as much as £100m in three instalments over the course of this year for the rights to the UK design."
  More from the Statesmen of Palestine
Jerusalem Post | Breaking News from Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World: "A leader of the ruling Fatah Party in Nablus was shot to death Tuesday in violence related to upcoming elections for the Palestinian parliament.

Nine gunmen, also affiliated with Fatah, pulled up in two cars to the house of Abu Ahmed Hassouna, 44, around 1:30 a.m. and began firing at posters of election candidates on his house, relatives said.

Hassouna leaned out a window, shouted at them to stop, and they shot him in the head, they said. He was rushed to a hospital, where he died shortly after. The gunmen fled, some by car and some on foot, after one of their cars broke down, relatives said.

Early this month, a Hamas supporter was killed in a firefight that erupted while rival factions were hanging election posters in Gaza City. Hamas blamed the ruling Fatah Party for the shooting."
  The true 'culture of corruption'
RealClearPolitics - Commentary - The Media's Double Standard in Covering Scandals by Bruce Bartlett: "By my count, there have been 70 different members of the House who have been investigated for serious offenses over the last 30 years, including many involving actual criminality and jail time. Of these, only 15 involved Republicans, with the remaining 55 involving Democrats.

I have no doubt that any poll of the American people asking which party had more frequently been the subject of House ethics investigations would show an overwhelming majority naming the Republicans, when the truth is that Democrats, historically, have been far more likely to have been investigated.

The reason is that the liberal media harp on Republican misdeeds monotonously because to them the subject never gets boring. By contrast, Democratic wrongdoing tends to be treated in a perfunctory manner, with no follow-up. This imbalance of coverage, which is unrelated to the seriousness of the charges, naturally tends to make people think Republicans are more corrupt, when a reasonable person reviewing all the evidence would have to conclude that Democrats are much more likely to be corrupt."
  Never, Ever, Ever, trust a peace 'activist'. The only side they care about is the enemies.
Telegraph | News | German hostage had ransom money: "A German archaeologist kidnapped in Iraq last year was found on her release to have some of the ransom money paid to her abductors in her possession, according to investigators.

Susanne Osthoff, 43, was released after a month in captivity on Dec 18. While she took a shower in Germany's embassy in Baghdad, officers from the BND, its intelligence service, found 'several thousand dollars' fastened with rubber bands in her clothes, according to one of the investigators. Their serial numbers matched those on notes paid to secure her release.

While the German government has refused to comment on whether it paid a ransom, it is widely speculated that the equivalent of £3 million was handed over to secure her freedom.

Politicians and the public were yesterday asking new questions about her ordeal. Many have lost patience with Miss Osthoff, a convert to Islam, since she declared her intention to return to Iraq and failed to thank them for their efforts to free her."
  Damn that Global Warming
SignOnSanDiego.com > News > World -- Records shatter as arctic weather grips Europe: "VIENNA, Austria – Vienna's subway tracks cracked, German authorities shut a key canal to ships after it iced up, and a zoo moved its penguins indoors Tuesday as a deadly deep freeze tightened its arctic grip on much of Europe.

The killer cold wave, which has been blamed for more than 50 deaths in Russia, claimed at least 13 lives in the past five days in the former Soviet republic of Moldova, where authorities said another 30 people – many of them homeless – were hospitalized with hypothermia.

Romanian authorities reported 15 deaths in the past few days, five of them homeless people, after temperatures dropped as low as minus 22 degrees.

Parts of Austria felt more like Siberia, with the mercury plunging well below zero. The bitter cold hit an all-time low of minus 24 degrees in the Lower Austria town of Gross Gerungs, while in the beer-making town of Zwettl, it was minus 12 – the chilliest Jan. 24 since 1929."
  Hypocrisy knows no bounds

MPAA admits to unauthorized movie copying: "What happens when an organization that is best known for inveighing against the unauthorized copying of movies gets caught doing exactly that? The Motion Picture Association of America was caught with its pants down, admitting to making unauthorized copies of the documentary This Film Is Not Yet Rated in advance of this week's Sundance Film Festival.

This Film Is Not Yet Rated looks at the motion picture ratings system created and run by the MPAA. Director Kirby Dick submitted the film for rating in November. After receiving the movie, the MPAA subsequently made copies without Dick's permission. Dick had specifically requested in an e-mail that the MPAA not make copies of the movie. The MPAA responded by saying that 'the confidentiality of your film is our first priority.'"
Tuesday, January 10, 2006
  Crying because they wouldn't give poor little Johnny his ball back. What a wanker!

Man sues over chatroom humiliation | The Register: "An Ohio man who claims that he was humiliated by two other participants in an AOL chatroom has sued the two men for causing emotional distress and the ISP for failing to stop the alleged abuse, according to a report from Law.com.

The case, which is due for a hearing in an Ohio court today, is said to be the first of its kind.

According to Law.com, Medina County resident George Gillespie sued Mike Marlowe of Alabama and Bob Charpentier of Oregon after the two men began teasing him online.

Reports suggest that the teasing then ventured out of the chat room and into the real world, with Marlowe travelling from Alabama to Ohio in order to disrupt Gillespie’s mail service by handing a change-of-address form into a post office.

Other reports suggest that Gillespie was himself indulging in a little “banter” in the chatroom, making fun of Charpentier’s girlfriend, and posting a picture of Charpentier’s home online.

'This guy is just a character, and his BS finally caught up with him,' Charpentier told the Akron Beacon Journal. 'This lawsuit is just another form of harassment.'

'I'm so flabbergasted with this because this has been blown out of proportion,' Marlowe told Law.com. 'We just made fun of the guy.'

AOL has not commented on the action, other than to point out that it has a code of conduct governing the behaviour of its members, and that this is strictly enforced."
  Bundling malWare for distribution, what could possible go wrong?
Malware on tap scheme draws flak | The Register: "A Dutch-firm's plans to sell malware samples to corporates have drawn a barbed response from members of the anti-virus industry and a penetration testing firm.

Dutch security Frame4 Security Systems plans to go live with a malware distribution project, dubbed MD:Pro, from 1 February. The service is promoted as offering 'developers of security systems and anti-malware products a vast collection of downloadable malware from a secure and reliable source'.

The subscription-based service will cost from €1,000 a month and will be restricted to security developers involved in analysis, testing, research and development, according to Anthony Aykut of Frame4 Security Systems. Aykut said Frame4 had more than 6,500 files in its system and predicts it might have 120,000 downloadable malware samples by the end of 2006. It claimed many of the samples would be 'undetectable' by anti-virus products

Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at anti-virus firm Sophos, questioned the benefits of the service. He said that researchers in the anti-virus industry have worked closely together for years, sharing malware samples between trusted experts and analysts without ever charging money."
Monday, January 09, 2006
  The Religion of Peace (via LGF)
MEMRI TV: "Following are excerpts from a rally of Iranian pilgrims in Mecca, aired on Channel 1, Iranian TV, and on Al-'Alam TV, on January 9, 2006.

Crowd: Israel is the enemy of Allah.

Man: May the hands of the infidels be chopped off.

Crowd: May the hands of the infidels be chopped off.

Man: May the hands of the infidels be chopped off.

Crowd: May the hands of the infidels be chopped off.

Man: (Chopped off) from the land of the believers.

Crowd: From the land of the believers.

Man: The Audience will now split into two groups: One group will settle the score with America, and the other will settle the score with Israel. This group now: Death to America!

Crowd: Death to America!

Man: Death to Israel!

Crowd: Death to Israel! Death to America!

Man: Death to America!

Crowd: Death to America!

Man: Death to America!

Crowd: Death to Israel! Death to America! Death to Israel!

Man: All together now: Death to America! Death to Israel!

Crowd: Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to America! Death to Israel!"
  Mouse thrown into fire sets home ablaze - Boston.com
Mouse thrown into fire sets home ablaze - Boston.com: "FORT SUMNER, N.M. --A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves. The blazing creature ran back to the man's house and set it on fire.

Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it.

'I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house,' Mares said from a motel room Saturday.

Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to just beneath a window, and the flames spread up from there and throughout the house.

No was hurt inside, but the home and everything in it was destroyed."
  Let no aspect of a citizen's life go unregulated
Guardian Unlimited Business | Business latest | In Norway, a woman's place is in the boardroom: "The 500 companies listed on Norway's stock exchange face being shut down unless they install women on their boards over the next two years in a radical initiative imposed by a government determined to help women break through the 'glass ceiling'.

After a week in which the Equal Opportunities Commission in Britain has warned that it would take 40 years for women to break into the ranks of the FTSE 100 in the same way as men, Norwegian companies face a two-year deadline to ensure that women hold 40% of the seats of each company listed on the Oslo bourse. New companies have to comply now with the rules and the government is considering extending the law to family-owned companies as well."
  The Religion of Biological Warfare
SundayMirror.co.uk - News - HIV BOMBERS: "EXCLUSIVE Al-Qaeda's plot to infect troops with AIDS virus
By Rupert Hamer Defence Correspondent

AL-QAEDA is recruiting suicide bombers who are infected with the AIDS virus, according to documents revealed to the Sunday Mirror.

Terror chiefs are also targeting fanatics who suffer other lethal blood diseases such as hepatitis and dengue fever in order to increase their 'kill rate' from an explosion. The chilling new threat is revealed in papers distributed to British military camps in Iraq and across Europe.

Under the heading 'HIV/Hepatitis' the document states: 'There is evidence that terrorists might be deliberately recruiting volunteers with diseases that are spread by blood transference.'

Experts have found that bones and other blood-spattered fragments from a suicide bomber could penetrate the skin of a victim 50 metres away and infect them."
Saturday, January 07, 2006
  Wizbang Carnical of the Trackbacks
Wizbang: "Carnival of the Trackbacks XLV"
  I'm not saying... I'm just saying....

WorldNetDaily: Sharon targeted with 'death curse': "Fringe activists held a midnight kabbalistic ritual in an ancient cemetery calling for angels of death to kill Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and thwart his Gaza withdrawal plan, participants in the ceremony told WND.

The same individuals used the ritual against Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin one month before his assassination in 1995.

The activists said they performed a 'Pulsa Dinura' – a kabbalistic ceremony in which God is asked to curse a sinner, usually an enemy of the Jewish people – and prayed for a death curse to be placed on Sharon."
Friday, January 06, 2006
  Warped, but interesting, with broader ramifications than the absurd
Legal Affairs: "Arriving near the end of the workday, I took a chair until my number was called, and then approached the help desk, where a tax official named John Knight looked up at me with a mix of weariness and curiosity. I took a deep breath and proceeded to describe my business and the economy that sustained it. I cited publication 525. I inquired about barter income, specifically the difference, if any, between a painting for which the owner paid $6,000 bartered for half a year's rent and a virtual castle with a value of $1,200 established on eBay bartered for 10 million pieces of virtual gold. If John Knight's response was typical, the IRS hasn't done much thinking about the matter.

'O.K., so I got a fake jewel that's worth 80 million points, gives me all kinds of invincibility,' said Knight, striving doggedly to nail down what I was talking about. 'But I got two of them, or don't want to play [anymore]. And I can go on eBay and sell my jewel to some other character?'

'Uh, yeah,' I confirmed.

Knight considered the facts and offered a nonbinding opinion: 'That's so weird.' "
  Why not make it a kajillion bucks instead?! I am for fining spammers out of existence. However absurd judgments like this trivialize the impact.

Wired News: Spammer Must Pay $11.2 Billion: "An Midwest internet service provider was awarded an $11.2 billion judgment against a Florida man for sending millions of unsolicited e-mails advertising mortgage and debt consolidation services.

The lawsuit, filed in 2003 by Iowa's CIS Internet Services, also prompted earlier judgments against companies in Florida and Arizona worth more than $1 billion.

'This ruling sets a new standard,' said CIS owner Robert Kramer III. 'Gross abusers of e-mail risk exposure to public ridicule as well as the economic death penalty.'

The most recent judgment was issued Dec. 23 against James McCalla of Florida, who is also barred from accessing the internet for three years.

The lawsuit claimed that McCalla sent more than 280 million illegal spam e-mails into CIS's network, which provides internet connections in Eastern Iowa and parts of Illinois."
  Let no aspect of a citizens life go unregulated
ABC News: Mo. Lawmaker Seeks to Ban Cold Beer Sales: "JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. Jan 5, 2006 — A state senator wants to force Missouri stores to sell warm beer. Under a bill by Sen. Bill Alter, grocery and convenience stores would risk losing their liquor licenses if they sold beer colder than 60 degrees. The intent is to cut down on drunken driving by making it less tempting to pop open a beer after leaving the store.

'The only reason why beer would need to be cold is so that it can be consumed right away,' Alter, who has been a police offer for more than 20 years, said Thursday."
Thursday, January 05, 2006
  What a fucking AssHat

kare11.com :: KARE 11 TV - Robertson says Sharon's stroke is God's punishment: "The Reverend Pat Robertson says Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's massive stroke could be God's punishment for giving up Israeli territory.

The founder of the Christian Broadcasting Network told viewers of 'The 700 Club' that Sharon was 'dividing God's land,' even though the Bible says doing so invites 'God's enmity.'

Robertson added, 'I would say woe to any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course.'

He noted that former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin was assassinated.

Robertson said God's message is, 'This land belongs to me. You'd better leave it alone.' "
Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Artist binds feet in desert, loses key - Boston.com: "BAKER, Calif. --An artist who chained his legs together to draw a picture of the image hopped 12 hours through the desert after realizing he lost the key and couldn't unlock the restraints, authorities said Wednesday.

Trevor Corneliusien, 26, tightly wrapped and locked a long, thick chain around his bare ankles Tuesday while camping in an abandoned mine shaft about five miles north of Baker, San Bernardino County sheriff's Deputy Ryan Ford said.

'It took him over 12 hours because he had to hop through boulders and sand,' Ford said. 'He did put on his shoes before hopping.'

The artist, who is from the area, often sketched images inside mines in the Southwest. He had finished his drawing Tuesday when he realized he didn't have the key."
  Knock Knock, Bang Bang. Hope they Hang Hang the mutt.
local6.com - News - Man Shoots Two Mormons Going Door To Door: "A Mormon missionary going door to door was fatally shot Monday night and a fellow missionary was wounded by an assailant who fled, police said.

The attacks happened just after 6 p.m. in the Deep Creek area of the city, police said, when a man approached the two, shot them and ran away.

One of the victims ran to a nearby nursing home seeking help, police said.

The missionaries were identified by church spokesmen Dale Bills and Michael Purdy as Elders Morgan Young, 21, of Bountiful, Utah, and Joshua Heidbrink of Greeley, Colo. Chesapeake police said he is 19.

They were taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital, where Young later died, spokeswoman Cheri Hinshelwood said. Heidbrink was upgraded to good condition Tuesday morning, she said.

Police described the gunman as a black male about 5 feet 10 inches . They said he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and denim jeans."
  Cox & Forkum: One Man's Whistleblower

Cox & Forkum: One Man's Whistleblower: "One Man's Whistleblower"
Tuesday, January 03, 2006
  Dog bites man
WTOP: Ex-D.C. Mayor Barry Unharmed in Robbery: "WASHINGTON (AP) - Former District of Columbia Mayor Marion Barry was robbed at gunpoint at his apartment by some youths who had helped him carry his groceries."
  Dogg Bites Pew
FOXNews.com - U.S. & World - Md. Congregants Robbed at Church: "BALTIMORE — A gunman burst into a church service Sunday evening and robbed several members of the congregation, authorities said.

About 50 people were attending the service at Mt. Zion United Methodist Church in Bel Air when a man entered brandishing a handgun, the Harford County Sheriff's Office said. No injuries were reported.

Wearing dark clothing and a ski mask, the thief ordered several children and their father to go up the aisles getting purses and wallets, then put them on a pile on the floor, said the Rev. Craig McLaughlin, who was in the front pew when the gunman barged in from the rear of the church.

He gathered them in a bag and, after ordering congregants to the front of the church, fled with an undetermined amount of cash and valuables, police said.

Several worshippers called police on their cell phones after he fled"
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