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Thursday, December 22, 2005
  Eh, like we gotta do something eh

I don't remember the Canucks complaining about US military presence in the Arctic during the Cold War when there was a real and present danger from Soviet forces.
Of course that does pretty much illustrate the impotence of the canadians. A country that cannot protect it's borders and project it's national will abroad is not much of a country.
In reality I am fairly shocked that the Canadians poked their heads out from behind the US's skirts long enough to show what ungratefull wretches they are.
Not to put to fine a point on this, but exactly what could the Canadians actually do about US subs?
The Canadian sub fleet is grounded and drydocked because the Canadian Navy is incapable of safely operating and maintaining thier fleet in the face of constant cutbacks.
The Canadian Army is a joke, for example they were deployed to Afgansitan without ammunition and had to borrow from US stockpiles.
When the tsunami hit, their rapid deployment (DART) was unable to rapidly deploy due to lack of military airlift capability.

It's really easy to hide behind your bigger brother and stick your tongue out at the world. However when you pick a fight with your only protector, that is shows your churlish nature quite clearly.
The Globe and Mail: Harper would boost Arctic military presence: "Mr. Harper's announcement in Winnipeg came after recent reports that at least one U.S. military submarine recently patrolled the Arctic and likely passed through Canadian waters.

Liberal Leader Paul Martin has said his government will do what is necessary to stop American submarines from entering Canadian waters.

Mr. Harper pledged today to do more than talk.

'As prime minister, I will make it clear to foreign governments — including the United States — that naval vessels traveling in Canadian territorial waters will require the consent of the government of Canada,' said Mr. Harper."
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