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Thursday, December 01, 2005
  Cure infertility and pave the road for asshole-babies, technology, a two edged sword.
Wired News: Science Makes Sex Obsolete: "Soon, Palermo says, it may be possible to use so-called therapeutic cloning to custom-make sperm and eggs for infertile people. 'In theory, such stem-cell differentiation should be the most promising.' In fact, a research group at the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom reported in June that it had made precursors to human eggs and sperm using this technique.

This could literally cure infertility. Of course, it also raises possibilities that may alarm some, like, say, enabling two gay men to create a child genetically related to both of them. A cell from one man could be turned into an egg and fertilized with sperm from his partner. Dr. Alan DeCherney, an IVF pioneer, UCLA professor and editor of the journal Fertility and Sterility, says such a scenario is about five years away from reality, and when it happens 'there will be an outcry. There's lots of homophobia. But eventually, it'll be accepted.'"
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