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Wednesday, September 14, 2005
  Galloway v Hitchens Live Blogging
Live Blogging the Hitchens v Galloway debate

07:08 – I have been suffering thru the Leftist fuckwads yapping about how bad all Donks and how evil all Republicans are. How great Cindy Sheehan is, etc, etc, etc. Gack, these guys are idiots.

Brought to us by Stop the War Productions. The idiots are talking about a possible delay in the start of the debate that was supposed to have started at 10 after.

The topic is the War in Iraq, was it necessary, yadda yadda.

Hosts are kissing up to the BBC wanker, err, reporter.

7:12 – Still no debate, now playing Galloway clips.

7:18 – Now blaming right-wing websites for possible security threats and the need for metal detectors

7:22 – Military requerters are harassing high school students and talking advantage of the economically disadvantaged. Military requiters are taking advantage of the young and minorities.
Just announced debate will now start in 8 minutes. Gack, I have to listen to 8 more minutes of these idiots.

7:25 – They can take over a country like Iraq in three weeks, but we can’t airlift the blacks from NOLA

7:30 – Introductions for the George Galloway Idiots on Parade Tour
Bush hold Palestinians, Iraqi’s and Blacks in poor regard. Please come protest in DC. Hitchens booed, Galloway cheered. This gives a solid idea of where the crowd it. Please turn off pagers, cell phones, etc.

7:34 Amy Goodwin (moderator) enters stage. WWW.stopthewar.thejourneyradio.org is the chat site. And now we need to wait three more minutes.

7:37 – The extensive security required is the fault of the Iraq war. The debate is brought to you by the Nation, The National Council of Arab Americans, The International Socialist Review, and The Center for Economic Research……Galloway shows up.

Amy Goodwin, host of Democracy Now. Welcome to the Grapple in the Big Apple. Will be re-aired on CSPAN2.

7:41 – Hitches introduced and cheered loudly. He will speak for 15 minutes, then Galloway will have 15 minutes, then a round of 10 minutes, then a round of 5 minutes, then closing remarks for 5 minutes. Galloway introduced and cheered.

Galloway testified before Congress (cheering) visa vie Oil for Food.

7:43 – Hitchens begins. Asks for a moment of silence for Iraqi terror victims from today.  Grateful to the organizers, yadda yadda.
Go to www.hitchesweb.com for material on Galloway.

Examine the record on the anti-war movement, and what would happen if we listened to the anti-war movement.

  1. Saddam would own Kuwait

  2. Slobodan would have Serbia and Kosovo cleansed and annexed

  3. Taliban still in power

  4. AQ still in Afghanistan

  5. Saddam would still be in charge

The war was just and necessary. Iraq met all the conditions for losing its national status. Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia would have invaded for various reasons.

The man who ordered Genocide, Torture, and massacres of two states is in jail and will follow Slobodan Milosevic into the dock. The act of justice was long overdue.

A constitution is being debated on 6 TV channels and 100 newspapers, in a country where it was death for you and your family to posses a satellite dish. This is a night and day difference.

The largest stateless people in the ME, the Kurds are beginning to arise as a people, where they once lived in mass graves, burned hillsides, etc. They are building and helping the other Iraqi’s to build a country.

The disarmament of Libya leads to the discovery of the AQ Kahn network. Links Saddam and WMD.

Qadaffi went to Blair and Bush for a reason and not to the Germans, the UN or the French.

7:57 it is a disgrace that a member of the House of Commons went before the Congress and refused to testify and engaged in gutter name calling. Loud cheers and boos, Hitches is saying that they won’t cut into his time. Galloway made money from Oil for Food, how can anyone who is a partner with that man (Saddam) show his face. Now he goes to Damascus and he is seeking more tyrants to cuddle with. (Paraphrase)

7:59 out of time, loud cheers and boos.

Galloway is introduced. Slobbering was the note Hitches chose to end on. I want to begin by praising Mr. Hitchens; in Dundee at the national delegation the same Mr. Hitchens made a speech praising linking Dundee and Nablus. Hitches interjects, Galloway slaps him down.

Thanking Hitches for his opposition to the war in Iraq in 91. Something about Hitches and Charleton Heston not being able to name the countries that bordered Iraq.

It was difficult to oppose the war in Kuwait because Saddam annexed Kuwait. Hitches was opposed to the war in 91, what you have witnessed is something unique in natural history, the first ever metamorphosis from a butterfly into a slug. I mention slug especially because a slug leaves behind a trail of slime. Never wrestle with a chimney sweep because you can’t come out clean, You Hitches are no chimney sweep, you Hitches are covered in stuff that you like to smear other with

Brings up Cindy Sheehan, you described her as a sob-sister, a flake, a woman who gave her son to a war you defend. Wild Cheers.

Pat Roberson, Dick Cheney, and Bush are all crazed fundamentalists, if this country becomes free; you can’t even pick up the dead bodies in one of its most important cities a week after they have lain there.

I am of Irish background, when the Irish people rose up against the British, where the sun never sets, because God wouldn’t trust the British in the dark.

The only certificate that mattered was the certificate issued by the Irish, my point is this for us in the US and UK, the only big question is, Are you with the foreign occupation of Iraq, or are you with the Iraqi right to be from the foreign body that has invaded them.

The cheap demagoguery of the minute silence of the 145 but won’t mention the massacre in Faluja massacred thousands of people. (Wild cheers).

This war in which he glories, how I wish he’d put on a tin hat and go fight himself. This war has cost in excess a 100,000 people lives and thousands more wounded for a pack of lies, WMD. There was no link to AQ, there was no link to 9/11, there was no welcome for the foreign armies that invaded Iraq. There are now 2000 bodies in the ground and thousands more, testament to the Folly of Hitches, Bush, and Cheney and the neoCons.

The international legal and political system has been defaced; the world has been made a more dangerous place for generations to come.

Western soldiers invading a Muslim country would make fewer terrorists. There is scarcely a sentient being in the land that thinks the war was a good idea or just.

You may very well ask why so many people wanted to watch and listed to two British guys debating a war far away. Our two countries are the two biggest rouge states in the world today (wild cheers, some boos). It is vitally important that those who oppose the crimes of our governments stand shoulder to should to rid the world of Bush and Blair.

8:14 Hitches, has 10 minutes. I have never made the speeches that Galloway references. Galloway interrupts.

Yes it’s true I opposed the last war. I was mistaken in my opposition to that war. Galloway’s squalid maneuver, Galloway casts himself as anti-war, when he stands next to the dictator in Damascus and praises the 145 operations per day by the terrorists in Iraq.

The blowing up of the UN headquarters, fresh from his role in east Timor. We have today put and end to that disgusting man who freed Timor from Muslim hands.

They call for the restoration of a lost empire and the institution of Sharia that is not pacifism, to praise these people of is not anti-war.

There comes a point when people are self discrediting, some of this is funny; it shows that the cheap laugh and the stupid joke are all that matters.

The seriousness of it can’t be hidden; the people in Iraq are being killed by people being backed from Galloways friend in Syria. Is it not revolting to appear by the side of Assad whose regime was responsible for those that killed Casey Sheehan, and then come to America and appear with Cindy Sheehan and commiserate with her, and that George Bush was the murdered, not those that actually did it.

If you believe the crazed number of 100k deaths in Iraq, you can take a couple of minutes and determine that it is politicized hack work and demonstrated to be false, and everything I say, has at least 10 pages of documentation behind it.

Whose, who in this war, President Talabani is not occupying Iraq; he is the leader of Iraq.

While you are masturbating, the reason we went into Faluja to prevent a Taliban regime and fascism. Those who have betrayed their own party should be expelled. A man that wishes for the defeat of his country, etc.  Thank you.

8:24 – 10 minutes Galloway. The Lancet and Johns Hopkins are engaged in crazed politicized fabrications, do you think the academics from your own country are engaged in crazed fabrications. How far, has this neuron rot seeped into your soul (cheers)?

I have to deal with this hypocrite, he talks about the deaths of an occupation army by those resisting. He supports the Algeria resistance and the FALN who was (really bad).

(break) brb

The Arab Afghans who were sent by the US became AQ in the 90’s; Hitchens has made 10k Osama’s. …It’s our fault that we were attacked on 9/11 (loud boos, and scattered cheers). I believe that by their unending bottomless and total support for Gen Sharon’s crimes against the people, the United States that by propping up the puppet presidents and corrupt kings who rule the Muslim world western policy has created this swamp of hatred against the united states. It won’t matter how may Patriot Acts, when you live by a swamp no number of fly swatters will do. We have to stop our support for Sharon and his apartied (loud boos). That unless we stop propping these dictators, that would not last 5 minutes without our support, unless we stop occupying Muslim lands we will be forced to endure more 9/11 and 7/7, reverse your policy towards Palestine, and dictators, we will all be safer (loud cheers).

8:33 Hitches 5 minutes.
If anything ignited the hatred and violence in the Muslim world was the invasion of Afghanistan by the soviets, rather than the holding of elections in Iraq. The taking of civilian planes and crashing them into civilian building, you picked the wrong town and the wrong month (loud boos), some of us are still mourning the large loss of life in that atrocity, when you say that this will happen again, if you weren’t an ally of Sadam and Assad how dare you say that we support Assad, that someone fresh from the podium of support of Assad.

It’s a bit much to be told that these AQ chaps wouldn’t be this way if we weren’t so mean to them. It’s true that Zarquawi was inside Iraq during Saddam and Ansar Al Islam, don’t mess around with them, don’t be mean to them, this is masochism offered to you by sadists.

This is not just who can be the rudest, I have conceded it to you, or who can be the most cerebral, you have conceded that to me.

He discussed meeting with Tariq Aziz over Oil for Food will be raised at every stop on your tour

8:39 – It’s a lie, it’s a lie like your leaflets, buy my book, I have dealt with it, no one has ever discussed oil allocations, it’s a lie. You want me to run through the dictatorships that you support, (go ahead). Saudi Arabia, the election in Egypt, Hosni Mubarak got more votes in this election than in the first election he admitted he rigged.

You want to talk about democracy in Lebanon, if there was true democracy Sheik Nasharla (?) would be president, but only Christians can be president because the US marines imposed the constitution in 54

You have the gall to talk about corruption, your president, and his father, and the Carlyle group, and secret groups, etc.

You a former Trotskyite you should be ashamed of yourself, (but I am not), But you are not, you were a butterfly but you are now a slug, you did write like an angel but now I damn you and all your works.

8:43 – That concludes the first part of the debate, now it will be a little more freewheeling. Think of a question you would like to ask the other.

I would like to ask a question of Hitches about the evils of Saddam, but that is not what Bush said, would you say that Bush engaged in a systematic program to deceive the world.

(H) The president mentioned a whole menu in addition to the WMD and links to terrorism. I have written that Mr. Blair and Bush insulted their own electorates by trying to frighten them into enlightenment. A good cause has been greatly disfigured by those political deformities. Just as I am not responsible for creating 100k AQ fighters, I cannot speak for the Bush Admin.

I am not certain that the plain meaning of words is not understood by the audience. When I said I supported (some guy in Egypt) I did not say I supported Mubarak. On this point of weaponry, when you have as this regime who has used WMD against its own people and Iran and who runs an extensive effort to conceal them.
Tariq Azzis (Galloway’s best friend) we knew that dummy sites were created for inspection and bribes offered to inspectors. I cannot not know this; I cannot not know that Saddam was trying to buy weapons from NK. I cannot give Saddam the benefit of the doubt.

Your response to Colin Powel that his UN speech a stain on his record. I don’t give a damn about CP, and

Amy, Sadam sits in jail, do you think he committed crimes.

Galloway, Saddam committed real crimes, mostly in the 80's when he was the best friend of the US and UK, he invaded Iran at the behest of the US and UK< he used weapons that were sold to him by the US and UK, and Germany, he killed and massacred the people of Jhalaba, I demonstrated against that, but Blair did not, because they were the best friends of the Us and UK.

Saddam created the killing fields in Iraq, despite what Hitchens leaflet, I denounce Saddam, I was denounced for saying so because I interrupted the profitable relations with the US and UK,

Hitches, Galloway claims that he was supporting Iraqi democrats, knowing what Saddam was capable of. He says he knows that, I have checked with the chairman of the relevant organization, they have no memory. Galloway said that Kuwait was a legal part of Iraq, he went on foot on his own evidence that he knew full well………

Galloway – but you opposed the war in 91 knowing about Jahlaba, denouncing, Galloway repeats original like about Heston and his wig. Hitches agrees.

You were against the war in 91 because the tin pot dictatorship in Iraq is one thing but unleashing a superpower was an even bigger danger invading a country was a bigger thing.

I was a small fry in 91, I was cheering you, that some times you have to choose between bad and badder, between evil and more evil that was what you did in 91. The only difference was that somewhere on the road to Damascus, or Vanity Fair, or the lucrative contracts you landed, or maybe it was the whiskey. You took a complete different line then.. Were you lying in 91, or are you lying now. If you are capable of such dramatic swings, how do we trust you. Lists liberation struggles, Palestine, etc. Crazed shifts of opinion, how can anyone take you seriously.

Hitches, I held a different view at the time and have since changed it. My reports are all available, in a book called,…..

I have not repudiated them, I don’t hold them anymore, my persuasion was as follows, I ended the war in Iraq and saw the consequences, and I don’t have a clever antiwar quip,

Yes I had fun at the expense of Heston, it wasn’t an invasion of Iraq, it was the expulsion with people like Syria who have since changed their minds, I have to give you credit for your ability to stand fast.

Galloway, they have engineered a puppet regime and are building bases, and their corporate friends, and Bechtel and Halliburton, and the robber barons who are stealing the Iraqi’s money and the American money.

They seek to force the privatization of all Iraq business, farmers, etc. They intend to have an Iraq Americana, but the Iraqi’s won’t have it and that is what you can’t stand. You slander the Iraqi resistance as foreign fighters, what part of Iraq is Gen Meyers from, the most foreign fighters in Iraq are wearing American and British uniforms.

The idea that fundamentalists and foreign fighters is an argument that has been abandoned except by hitches. There are only 6% of people taken prisoner are foreign fighters.

Makes Vietnam quotes.

They told us in every single anti-colonial struggle is the foreign fighters, if we could only get rid of them.

Brings up Juan Cole to boos. This slander of the Iraqi resistance is deluded, if you believe it you believe that if we could only seal the borders everything would be hunky dory, This borders on the delusional.

The vast majority of Iraqi’s want this occupation want this to end, and you must get used to if you are only fooling yourself.

Galloway do you think US forces should be withdrawn – Yes

Hitchens when do you think US forces should be withdrawn – (major slam visa vie support for terrorists). A campaign of mayhem and sabotage that was conducted against the only elections that Iraq has ever seen, what are the odds of these people represent the secret majority of Iraq.

(getting tired of typing)

Hitches makes little digs, Galloway spends his time throwing double handfuls of mud and trying to obfuscate any of the issues.

Moderator says that we have seen the failure in NOLA what makes you think we are doing better in Iraq.

Hitches brings up Posse Commitatus and Insurrection act that the US cannot send troops into a state without being asked. Galloway says what about Iraq.

Galloway screaming about Barbra Bush being a racist and the US can’t pick up dead bodies in the street. Hitches you are a court jester, not at Camelot but at the court at the Bourbon Bushes, Barbra Bush the Marie Antoinette.

Hitchens  - Don’t jeer the men in uniform you are on television.

What I say does not require your endorsement and you zoo noises won’t shut me up, it takes more than that to shut me up boys and girls.

A warlord is someone who can control a piece of road by force, if you can build solid wide roads that abolish brigandry. Do you favor abandoning Afghanistan to the warlords (Galloway) the warlords are in charge now (the US).

To come fresh from embracing these blood soaked bastards and come here and say we deserve it.

9:30 – Closing statements. Galloway throws rocks and blames the fight against terrorism for creating terrorism.

Hitches: Point to something that you have do to contribute to the emancipation of Kurdistan, etc. Iraqi’s are crying out for your help do not be deaf to their plight.

9:32 - Announcing that Hitchens and Galloway will be signing books

All in all, this was pretty much a waste of time and bandwidth. Galloway is a back alley gutter brawler and Hitches wields a rapier with deft strokes.

Hitchens took the time to talk about why Iraq was good and just, Galloway just wanted to throw rocks and make wild accusations.
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