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Thursday, May 26, 2005
  Hopefully the standard MSM wall of silence regarding media bias is starting to slip
Today in Investor's Business Daily stock analysis and business news: "'Although Bush calls for an 'expansion of freedom,' the world is not yearning after the 'country of freedom,' the United States, any longer. New evidence of a decline of the United States in every sphere has been confirmed.'

And we all know how well Newsweek confirms its information.

An editor's note states: 'What have Americans lost due to the Bush administration in the last four years, and what will the world lose in the next four years? Verified facts, not opinions from any viewpoint, are laid out in this issue.' If these are facts, why did Newsweek hide them, and the story, in foreign editions that most Americans wouldn't see?

The only verified fact laid out in this issue is documented evidence of the mainstream media's animus toward President Bush and his foreign policy. This animus has led to the downplaying of how democracy has spread due to direct U.S. action.

As with The New York Times' pre-election story on the allegedly missing 370 tons of explosives in Iraq, or Dan Rather's use of forged documents to slime Bush on election eve, stories that make the U.S. look bad are put on Page 1, on the cover or on prime-time TV. They don't have to be real. In their 'myopic zeal,' as CBS described what drove its bogus National Guard story, the media don't care if the stories are true as much as they want them to be true.

Stories that make our enemies look bad are treated differently. Witness the brouhaha over photos of Saddam Hussein in his undies. NBC's 'Today' show led off one morning with an interview with one of the tyrant's lawyers and later had host Matt Laurer probing if the Pentagon thought this was a violation of the Geneva Convention. Yet when in mid-April new Saddam-era mass graves were discovered in southern Iraq, including one believed to hold as many as 5,000 corpses, NBC didn't cover that story.

Media enmity toward the White House and its policies can be seen in the "
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