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Thursday, March 31, 2005
  Lou picks up a bat and wacks the WH around for a while
USNews.com: Lou Dobbs: No more border games (1/31/05): "President Bush has again vowed to spend his political capital to grant legal status to the millions of illegal aliens who live and work in this country. The president rationalizes his guest-worker program by constantly referring to the nation's need to match willing workers with willing employers. The president's 'proposed reform' has already met stiff resistance from the 109th Congress, which is apparently ready to finally take on the critically important issue of illegal immigration.

Many from the president's own party say they'll fight his guest-worker proposal, and many of our elected officials are finally grasping the importance of representing the views of working Americans--which, after all, is their responsibility. The latest USA Today /CNN/Gallup poll shows only 34 percent of those surveyed approve of President Bush's immigration policies.

'The American people don't want open borders; they don't want amnesty,' says Rep. Tom Tancredo, a Colorado Republican. 'It's a message that is beginning to get through to the Congress. We've just got to get it through to the president.'

That message has gotten through to one of the administration's most cheerful and energetic loyalists on Capitol Hill, Rep. David Dreier of California. After ignoring the realities of illegal immigration for nearly all of his long tenure in Congress, Republican Dreier now says he will introduce legislation to stop American businesses from hiring illegal aliens, using a photo-embedded Social Security card, which employers would be required to check with a national database to determine whether the job applicant is legal or illegal."
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